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I am always looking for tools to make business easier, more productive and profitable and life in general, a better experience.

I hope you find something of interest to you.

If your interested in looking at some of my work, click here to see  examples of live sites built by Keith Morrison's

Is your Domain Name available?

Click here and find out right now!

Make it easy for your customers to contact you. Imagine if they only had to dial One Number- check this out and take a free test drive on me.



Your personal phone book is one of the most valuable assets you will ever own.  It's also one of the most under used assets you own.  Let people know you care about them beyond the sale, and watch your business explode.

 This tool is so simple and so brilliant, you will want to put it to work right away.  No kidding! Click Here Now.


The perfect online payment accepting solution for any new online business.

Does Your Web Site Talk?

Add  Audio to your site and  more!

Add Audio & Video to your site and more!

eNewsletter Tool

Constant Contact email marketing

Constant Contact

The simple & professional online tool to create an effective e-newsletter ... and a lot more.  Even I can do this!

My Car is one of my best tools in generating new business.  

Click Here and see why.

Kodak EasyShare Gallery

Sending Me Pictures?
If you're going to be sending me pictures to use on your web site, this is the tool you will need to use. It's free and easy to use.


Examples of sites created by Keith Morrison

  Inzos Place

My Car

The Letters are vinyl commercial grade made by a professional sign shop. The side window has been on this car for nearly two years and is holding up great.  I am not worried about going out to dinner or other events ... I am in business and want people to know it.  The vendor I use charges about $175 for what you see here.  My back window is about $60 and I installed it myself.  You can too!

I am seriously condsidering negotiating the use of other large back window owners to "rent" their space.   Imagine your own fleet of moving billboards!  My sign maker vendor can ship your vinyl letters anywhere in the country.


Wild West Domains

Instant Audio

Instant Video Generator


Constant Contact


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